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What is the story and thoughts behind my work ?

Hi, my name is Mathieu Quetu and i’m a freelance photographer living in Grenoble, France. I have always worked for myself, because passion, a virus for the rest of my life. I had no clue the influence that it would have on my way of life. I enjoy myself, I am a bit egotistical : pleasure first ! Photography quickly became a

What do I get out of all of this ?

I feel as though I am leaving my mark, a sort of satisfaction, happiness. Sometimes I feel tremendous frustration, and the desire to blow everything off. It’s strange, it’s hard to say what I get out of it, and all I know is that I need it, a little like I need ski. Ski for me is truly yoga. I need to practice it regularly to feel good in my body and mind. Skiing is not just a sport, but an art form ; a good session depends especially on your mindset, be it classical, rock, or blues, and sometimes nothing in particular. It’s a excellent means of taking the temperature of your life, you can judge the shape you’re in very quickly.

In terms of inspiration, there’s nothing better. It happens that I often begin project in photography and hit a complete dead end ; the solution is either to move on to something else or go skiing. I must say, I choose the 2nd option in general. When I get back, everithing is better. I am zen and the problems have evaporated. It’s as if the sea has purified the spirit, everything is clearer.

What is the value or the importance of that experience ?

There’s importance in any experience. Anything that I’ve ever been extremely frustrated with and it hasn’t been working the way that I wanted it to, I’ve come out the other side with some kind of new understanding. There are a lot of projects that I might not have ended up doing if one other project had really taken off at a certain time in a certain way. Your path changes. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be perfectly happy with an alternate path but I am happy with the one I ended up on.

Please have a look around and feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions, or would like to work together.

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