What’s in my bag

What’s in my bag

Where was the most challenging location you had to shoot?
« Probably when I dogsledded 1200 miles across the Alps for the World Meteorological Organisation magazine, on the subject of climate change. Besides the difficulties presented by the winter,  that was physically very demanding.”

What’s the latest addition to the bag?
“The latest addition to my kit is probably my Canon 16-35mm. I didn’t want to get stuck behind a trend. It’s given me the ability to shoot some pretty incredible images on really large perspectives, and for now they are unique.”

How often do you use it?
“I only use the grand angle when it’s clearly the only option.  I believe that it’s the photographers job to put themselves in a unique position, no matter how hard it is. I have found though, that some angles are impossible without it.”

How’s the Dakine bag performing?
“The Dakine camera bag is a huge step up from the camera bags of old.  The foam is denser and lighter, so the bag is more streamlined, and its solid, so I don’t mind taking it into rough scenarios.  I haven’t found an outdoor bag company that I’m happy with yet, so when I really need a bag that functions well in the outdoors, I take my backpacking or hiking bag, but use gear pouches to protect my camera equipment. It’s a great system, and it doesn’t require a compromise.”

Is there a special story behind the longboard?
“There’s no special story behind the board, it’s more of a mindset. I photograph adventures, and as the photographer often times I get stuck behind the camera while everybody else is having fun. The board just means that when I go on a shoot, I don’t forget to join in the fun once in a while.“

nhoso full gear list :

Camera Image
• Camera pouches
• Xsories trifold pro
• Apple iPhone 6s
• 40mm fixed Canon lens
• Canon 5D Mark III
• Hoya and Lee different filters
• Go Pro and accessories
• Canon 70-200mm f2,8
• F-stop Tilopa bag
• Canon 24-70mm
• Canon 16-35 f2,8
• Manfrotto tripod

Gear Image
• Sector 9 Longboard
• Light My Fire Spork
• The North Face puffy jacket
• MSR Pocket Rocket
• Julbo glasses
• Ice Axes and crampons
• Sony power supply
• Black Diamond Voyager lantern and headlamp